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Tjuvkik – Fashion Collaboration utställning

Avgångsstudenterna på Visuell kommunikation bjuder in till en TJUVKIK av projektet Fashion Collaboration på Bångska våningen. Läs mer

Havsforskning tolkas av Beckmansstudenter

I utställningen Transformation som pågår den 16-29 januari på Svenskt Tenn lyfter studenter i Visuell kommunikation hoten mot världshaven och ger nya ingångar till den högaktuella havsforskningen som bedrivs av Beijerinstitutet. Läs mer

Fashion Collaboration 2017 - Beckmans collaborates with Nordic fashion labels

Six of the most distinguished labels in Nordic fashion meet a future generation of designers in Beckmans College of Design's fashion show Fashion Collaboration 2017 during Fashion Week Stockholm. Läs mer

Beckmans College of Design presents New Way Out. <br />  An exhibit at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, Greenhouse, 9–13 February.<br />  <br />  A film made by the second year students at Visual Communication at Beckmans College of design

New Way Out - Beckmans interprets IKEA's brief at Stockholm Furniture Fair

A balcony in Stockholm or Shanghai or perhaps a picnic in the park? Outdoor life has been the focus when the final-year students of the Product Design Programme at Beckmans College of Design have designed products for outdoor spaces around the world with the support and sponsorship of IKEA.  Läs mer

Beckmans Fashion Collaboration 2016 at Fashion Week Stockholm

Fourteen personal collections created by Fashion students at Beckmans College of Design with inspiration from some of Sweden's foremost fashion brands - Carin Wester, Cheap Monday, Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, Ida Sjöstedt and Whyred. Läs mer

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