Night Classes: Visual Communications

Are you interested in advertising or graphic design?Our Night Classes in Visual Communications will give you a solid knowledge base.

Foundation course

This is a foundation course in Visual Communications, graphic design, photography and concepts, for applicants to the Beckmans College of Design or other design programmes.

It can also be useful if you want to move on in your career, improve your skills or change your focus in your current job. 


Our classes are led by teachers and instructors who are professionally active as specialists in visual communications, graphic design, art direction and creative direction.


The main subject, Visual Communications, includes illustration, advertising, photography, typography, graphic design and motion graphic/interactive media, and some basic artist skills.


The autumn term is dedicated to a thorough orientation in these subjects, while the emphasis during the spring term is on building your portfolio, which is virtually the only documentation needed to prove your merit in the communications and design sector. The focus will be on sample work for higher education, and you will get individual feedback on how to improve your portfolio.

Lectures, workshops and independent work

Lessons consist of lectures, workshops and presentations with discussions two evenings per week.Study visits may occur, subject to current events and exhibitions.In the spring, all night class students at Beckmans (fashion, design and visual communications) will engage in a larger joint project based on a real-life social theme.Tasks/projects will require you to work independently in addition to scheduled lessons.

Here are the teachers for our foundation courses.