Night Classes: Product Design

Design influences our everyday life. Night Classes in Design provide you with a basic knowledge of product, object and spatial design.

Foundation course

This is a foundation course for applicants to the Beckmans College of Design or other design programmes.

It can also assist you if you want to move on in your career, improve your skills or change your focus in your current position.The course deals with product and furniture design, interior design and some basic artist skills.


Classes are taught by professionally active product designers, interior designers and artists, including Matti Klenell, Anna Holmqvist (Folkform), Anna Irinarchos, the architect Buster Dehlin, and the artist Markus Degerman (Uglycute).


The main subject, Design, includes segments on furniture design, product design, interior design, material knowledge, technical drawing, and lighting.Theoretical and practical exercises give you the opportunity to encounter and study the world of design, and explore two- and three-dimensional composition.Our aim is that the subject should inspire, develop and enhance your design skills and your own style, and also to encourage discussions about design.

Exercises in basic technical drawing and sketching, knowledge about materials and their properties, colour theory and design history are also included in the syllabus.In addition to this, the course features life drawing, drawing/painting and sculpture.


You will learn to create and present your own portfolio, virtually the only documentation required to demonstrate your merit in the design sector. You will also receive individual feedback on how to develop your portfolio.

Lectures, workshops and independent work

Lessons in the form of lectures and workshops are held two evenings a week.Tasks/projects will require you to work independently in addition to scheduled lessons.

Here are the teachers for our foundation courses.