Night Classes: Fashion

Is fashion designer your dream profession? Then Fashion Night Classes at Beckmans could be a step on the way.

Foundation course

This is a foundation course in fashion design, fashion drawing and patterning for students wishing to apply to the Beckmans College of Design or other fashion and textile programmes.

It can also assist you if you want to move on in your career, improve your skills or change your focus in your current job.


Classes are led by professionally active designers and illustrators in textiles, fashion and product design.


The focus of this course in on fashion design and print design, and includes how to draw a collection, exercises in creative processes from research, via analysis, to garment and collection concepts, material knowledge and colour theory.In print design you will explore repeat pattern design, colours and colour combinations.Our aim is that the subject should inspire, develop and enhance your design skills and your own style, and also to encourage discussions about fashion and design.

Figure and fashion drawing, life drawing, fabric and study drawing, and technical drawing are essential parts of this course.A short segment on graphic design relating to fashion and textiles and a presentation of fashion theory are also included.


You will learn to build and present your portfolio, virtually the only documentation required to prove your merit in the design business. You will also receive individual feedback on how to develop your portfolio.

Lectures, workshops and independent work

Lessons in the form of lectures and workshops are held two evenings per week.Tasks/projects will require you to work independently in addition to scheduled lessons.

Here are the teachers for our foundation courses.