Fashion 180 ECTS

As a fashion student at the Beckmans College of Design, you will create fashion and collections using various artistic processes and design methods, while building a wide network of contacts in the industry.

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Clothing and accessories help us express our identity. Fashion both influences and reflects the times we are living in, the issues that are current, and why they are so right now. Beckmans offers courses in fashion design at BA and foundation level.

BA in Art and Design, 180 ECTS

The Fashion programme at Beckmans provides you with the artistic and professional skills required for a rewarding career in fashion design and product development in Sweden and internationally.

Many interesting and successful fashion designers have studied at the Beckmans College of Design, including Ann-Sofie Back, Anna Holtblad, Sandra Backlund, Margareta van den Bosch, Helena Hörstedt and Pär Engsheden, who is currently the head of the Fashion study programme.

Fashion design and design processes

You will practise fashion design and develop your understanding of different types of design processes, technology and research methods.You will present ideas and concepts with mood boards, you will produce colour and material charts, draw textile prints, experiment with materials, drape garments on dress forms, i.e. create 3D sketches/convert designs into toile (garment prototypes in cheaper fabric), draw a line-up of your collection, make technical drawings on the computer of the garments you design, and learn to make patterns from draping.

In our new knitting workshop, you will have opportunities to experiment with knitwear or details.Fashion illustration classes will develop your eye and your aesthetic style, while practising your ability to communicate your ideas.

Sustainability and diversity

Today's fashion designers naturally need to relate to issues of sustainability and diversity.By consistently highlighting and discussing urgent social issues, we train designers who are creative and analytical and can work for, and contribute to the development of, Swedish and international businesses and institutions.

Fashion shows and networks

You will show your fashion design to the industry, the media and the public, at fashion shows and exhibitions.You will gain experience from fashion shows – on the catwalk and behind the scenes.

Throughout your studies you will build networks in the business, which will be invaluable to your future career. You will have placements with established Swedish and international labels.

Theory and practice

Today, professional fashion designers need a palette of skills and personal qualities, an awareness of contexts and interests, an ability to work in a team and independently, and to operate locally and globally.

Developing your artistic skills and your personal aesthetic language is important to us.Our aim is to encourage our students to become independent creators, who will ultimately contribute to developing the field of fashion design.With this in mind, we alternate continuously between theory and practice.

In addition to the primary subject of Fashion Design (142.5 credits), we include courses in Artistic Representation (19.5 credits), where you develop your artistic skills, and History, Theory, Context (18 credits), to give you the tools needed to reflect on the contexts of the fashion industry.


A unique feature at the Beckmans College of Design is our collaborations with professionals and organisations in the fashion industry.You will be inspired by our topical, prominent guest teachers and meet exciting associates within the scope of the many projects included in the course.

In the academic year 2014-2015, for instance, Year 1 showed ball gowns inspired by the Nobel Ceremony at the Nobel Museum, and Year3 interpreted Swedish labels such as the Guldknappen winners Whyred and Filippa K, House of Dagmar (winner of Elle magazine’s 2015 design award), Carin Wester, Cheap Monday and Örjan Andersson, in the Fashion Collaboration show at Stockholm Fashion Week.

Some joint courses with the Beckmans programmes for Design and Visual Communications will expand your understanding of other disciplines and extend your skills and networks in design and communication.

Your three years at Beckmans

In your first year at Beckmans, you will gain a basic proficiency in fashion design.You will learn practical skills and a general understanding of the fashion design process at product level, along with a basic knowledge in design and fashion theory.Throughout the year, you will integrate practice and theory in longer projects, while deepening your knowledge of fashion at systemic level.

In the final year, the focus will be on your future career as a fashion designer.You will work more independently on major projects, designing your own collections, including one to be presented at the Stockholm Fashion Week, and one as your graduation project, which will be featured at the Beckmans graduate show and the Beckmans graduate exhibition.

Professional development is a subject that will be pursued throughout all three years.You will also receive coaching and support regularly from our professionally active teachers.


Our programme will develop your creativity and focuses on originality, innovation and artistic talent.You will build a portfolio of work that summarises your knowledge and skills, in view of further studies, future assignments and work.

BA in Fashion Design

Our programme leads to a BA in Fine Arts, with a major in Fashion Design.Our students also have the opportunity to stay on for an MA.

Professionally active teachers

All our teachers are professionally active and have various specialities in fashion.

Here are our Fashion teachers.

“High quality”

When the Swedish Higher Education Authority reviewed the various art educations offered at university level in Sweden in 2014, the Beckmans College of Design’s BA programme in Fashion was judged to be of “high quality”.


Acne-bag designed by Beckmans' alumni

Fredrika Frykstrand, Benedicte Eggesbo and Julia Correia de Verdier, all recent graduates from Beckmans College of Design, have reinterpreted Acne's iconic The Musubi Bag. Now they're on display in the classic department store Le Bon Marché in Paris. Read more

Fashion students from Beckmans to the Royal College of Art

Already before they have graduated from Beckman College of Design, the fashion students Marie Isacsson and Sissel Kärneskog have been admitted to Masters' degrees at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. Tomorrow they premiere their graduation collections from Beckmans at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. Read more

Emerging designers at Paris Fashion Week

During Paris Fashion Week SS18 we present the work of emerging designers: six current and alumni students, representing different phases in the development of a fashion designer, at Institut suédois and in an exhibition at Ofr. Libraire, galerie. Read more

Fashion student to the finals in EcoChic Design Award

Amanda Borgfors Mészàros made it to the finals of the international competition EcoChic Design Award in May. On September 7th, she is competing with her sustainable collection in Hong Kong. Watch the finals via livestream on Facebook. Read more

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