MACK 0744

Sebastian Örtegren

One of the first things one notices on arriving in my home town of Flen is an abandoned and decaying petrol station. I trace parallels between how the inhabitants view the old petrol station and how they regard their little town – ugly and dull! How can design and communication change this view of Flen?

At a time when larger cities are growing and smaller towns are becoming depopulated, similar places – empty and forgotten – are becoming increasingly common. But in recent years in Flen this negative trend has been reversed. This is largely on account of receiving numerous refugees and other people born outside Sweden. Though there are also people who moved to Flen from other parts of the country. In my project I examine how one can integrate newcomers and people who have lived there for years.

MACK 0744 is a micro-format cultural centre intended to create encounters between different people regardless of their background, age or ethnicity, and to fill a void in the town’s cultural activities as well as making room for a new life.

The project has resulted in a concept with an associated design identity that has been applied to everything from stationary material and work uniforms to signs and communication. With this project I want to visualize my proposal and create a basis for discussing issues that may be raised on site.

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Thanks to:
Hans Davis, Sophia Wood, Hans Gedda, Jonathan Jervelind and Eric Svensson.

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