Ninnan Santesson 1891–1969

Linnéa Carlsson

A recurring theme in contemporary feminist portrayals of women is presenting the person as a perfect and stable character; a strong woman. The strong woman has been so fêted that women can no longer identify with her. Narratives about limitless success and strident personalities create a one-sided view of women’s struggle. This project aims to help by contributing a more nuanced view of feminist rhetoric and of the idealized images that we surround ourselves with. The project is also my personal attempt to get to know artist Ninnan Santesson through her thoughts and feelings.

In a large collection of letters to her mother Edith, sister Etty and her friend Siri Derkert we meet a rich spectrum of feelings from a woman who is tirelessly struggling to survive as an artist in a society that is dominated by men. Together with ancient photographs and documented discussions with people alive today I have created an archive dedicated to Ninnan’s life.


Thanks to:
Göteborgstryckeriet, Aare and Hertz. A complete list of acknowledgements is available in the printed publication and on the project’s website.

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