Linchao Zhang

The collection takes my aesthetic approach, and the waist in the traditional anatomy of fashion, as its point of departure without commenting on bodily ideals of the period. I have staged a dream world that fascinates me, with inspiration taken from fashion photographers, in which the clothes in a collection become a tool of narrative.

A Mirage is a reflection in the air of distant objects, an illusion that reflects a world that we wish existed but that, at the same time, shows that what we see through our own eyes can be illusory.

How can I visualize a dream world with my aesthetic and give it expression in a collection? How can I present the corset and the emphasized waist without commenting on bodily ideals? The collection is concerned with an inner journey to find my way back to what my original intention was when I made my decision to work in fashion. This is a self-interview from a subjective perspective in which I define my aesthetic based on an idea about art, in which works with their origins in human creativity and imagination do not relate themselves to greater contexts.

With my collection I have selected elements that have captivated me in various projects I have undertaken and have given them a new chapter of life. A dream world in which embroideries and fictitious women with marked waists form the main focus, but where corsets do not reshape the body but have found an identity of their own.

With my Chinese background as a reference point I want to bring an interpretation of maximalism to the Scandinavian fashion scene in which design is often minimalist in character.

What I am showing is my version of a mirage as I perceive it myself.

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Thanks to: 
Joakim Rydén, Ted Larsson, Fo Phan, Diana Orving, Astrid Olsson, Loffe Palmgren.

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