Julia Andersen

There is a gap between women’s and men’s fashions. There is also a gap between how we value our respective categories. In a perfect world this gap would not exist and nothing would be valued more, or valued less. But how do we get to this point?

For three years I have been studying my relation to the suit. We share something unexpressed. Classic male dress and suits have become an aesthetic and a dress code that I have adopted both in creations and in what I wear myself, though I have never been totally able to identify myself with them. For my graduation collection I have questioned my interest in classical male dress as well as what I want to accomplish with my designs.

By making use of the knowledge bank that I have built up I want, once again, to examine my relationship with the suit. My aim is to liberate the suit from conservative affiliations and adapt it to a time of new values.  I have tested boundaries as to how little I can change of classical tailoring of the suit to achieve the balance that I am looking for.

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Thanks to:
Lee Cotter, Philip Warkander.

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