A Serious Game

Josephine Johnzon

The super-secretary loses herself in a tangle of telephone doodles, cables and computer screens. With her feminine intuition intact she is able to turn her office job into a game in which she performs miracles every day.

As an adult it is important to find ways of expressing one’s playfulness but it can be difficult to achieve this in our everyday lives. I have started with the office which is a common workplace with clear dress codes. In four interviews I have focused on essential aspects of office dress. This is concerned with basic garments like suits, trousers, shirts and blouses in sober colours. By deconstructing jackets I have searched for shapes that feel formal and, at the same time, interesting: layer upon layer and asymmetry in combination with classical tailoring.

Offices are dominated by masculine ideals. I have worked at trying to include femininity in suits by choosing fine silk fabrics, slits and billowing lines.

Playfulness is visualized by means on what is uncontrolled and colourful. It often appears in the form of details but sometimes actually takes over the impression. Here I have stressed surfaces and structures by experimenting with materials. This is a piece of lace that represents telephone doodles, silk dipped in latex for a paper-like expression, cables of silk and glass accessories.

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Thanks to:
Madeleine Rosengren, Liselott Kristofferson, Anna Ehrenborg, Maria Pauline Nordström, Marcus Uddenfeldt, Pernilla Johnzon, Ted Larsson, Eli Solberg, Anders Haal, Gnesta Glas AB.

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