Creating Space

Johan Balaz

A coup in the wardrobe – body rules over garments: adaptable garments that create space as well as new and unique forms of expression for every wearer for a sustainable wardrobe.

Creating Space is precisely that. Space for the individual, the body and the relationship to the world around us. Garments that will always fit you and that are always going to satisfy you.

The actual design of the garments has not been defined. The garments themselves are straight and voluminous and they are formed with the help of various fastening functions. This is so that they are can adapt to the wearer’s body as it changes throughout its lifetime. The body is an essential aspect of this project.

With my project I want to give the wearer control of the garments. The body is to dictate the agenda and the garments in the collection are to be an asset and not a limitation. The garments form themselves in accordance with one’s body; you should not need to shape your body to fit your wardrobe.

This leads to garments with a longer lifetime; a more sustainable consumption of fashion.

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Thanks to:
Anton Leuba for music, Ylva Vamborg for sewing, Skoindustrimuseet in Kumla for manufacturing shoes, Ida Klamborn for external tuition.

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