Jim Claesson Zsuppan

Is it possible to make something functional and aesthetically pleasing made
of a material that, in its current state is regarded as waste?

In a time of opulence and consumption, it is easy to become passive despite, or perhaps on account of – the fact that we are aware of the stresses our consumption poses to the climate. As a designer, what can I do? My work explores opportunities within conventional design practices by reflecting on consumption and sustainability. 

I have worked with a Swedish furniture manufacturer, based on their objectives and identity, I have designed a product proposal that utilizes discarded material and turn it into a new product. The transformation from waste to product alters the status of the material and gives it a new context. I hope that the project show the possibilities of alternative production models as the future will require us to "do more of less".

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Thanks to:
Karl Andersson & Söner, LG Collection, EGE, Justin Boyesen, Kitty Schumacher & Isabella Gori.

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