Jakob Smedhagen

In my project I have chosen to scrutinize our human relationship to technology and technology as an extension of humankind.

Research has made great strides when it comes to connecting humans with technology. Scientists and tech-entrepreneurs maintain that, in a not too distant future, we shall be able to connect our brains to the Internet which will pave the way for numerous possibilities including being able to communicate with thoughts.

With these possibilities we will see the birth of many products and services in areas that have not previously been exploited.

Mold is a hypothetical service that starts from today’s rapid developments in technology, neuroscience and biology and that, with the help of the body’s neutral networks, will enable the unborn child to send information to a computer.

What is life like on the inside? Communicate with your unborn child.


Thanks to:
Jukka Viitasara, Carl Cavalius, Nille Svensson.

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