Popup Club

Erik Kölare

Popup Club is a club for spontaneous football. With an app and reversible football jerseys  that encourage spontaneous matches, the club’s methods for meeting up and playing football are just as flexible as the sport itself.

As joining societies becomes less popular people seek out activities in which one can take part on one’s own terms and in one’s own forms. Perhaps that is why spontaneous football is on the way up. Many people even claim that one can see an entire culture growing up. In this project I examine how, as a visual communicator, I can promote the growth of this culture.

I see the football pitch as a meeting place. My vision is that one should be able to go to any pitch and find other people to play football with. In this context the Popup Club’s football jersey functions as a sort of call-to-action. Wearing the jersey is an indication that one wants to play football with others. Since the jersey is reversible it is easier to play with other people because dividing into teams is simple.

An app that is part of the system automatically registers when the user enters a football pitch and measures activity on the respective pitch which communicates to other people that there is an opportunity to play football at that moment.


Thanks to:
Sam Dodds, Minna Sakaria.

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