Ground Settings

Emma Stridh

Ground Settings represents the design of a meal in which each part is made from the following raw materials: clay, wood, metal, linen and glass.

Using a method inspired by the chef’s approach to preparing food, being aware and sensitive to the materials and making use only of the raw materials at hand, I have sought to create a situation for design and manufacture in which the finer characteristics and nuances form a central aspect of the design process. This creates a situation in which the designer works like a chef in his kitchen or workshop. I have achieved this by making each of the individual items in the space of a limited period in collaboration with a craft expert in the particular material. With this method, a large part of the design process takes place simultaneously with the manufacturing process. Just as in the kitchen, the day of manufacture has both a prehistory and a succeeding narrative. Here the prehistory takes the form of research and drawings. And, just as a chef tastes the food, adds salt and pepper and prepares the plates, so I have made certain design decisions after the day of manufacture itself. After that I have mounted the objects to create a spatial entirety. Just as chefs use their taste buds, so I have used my own gut feeling.

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Thanks to:
Skruf Glasbruk, Asta Westermark Florestedt, Ola Hansson, Bengtssons smide, Gustaf Helsing, Elin Klefbom, Emil Fagander.

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