Disa Gadd

My project is an examination of textile crafts and emotional sustainability with inspiration from our complicated human relationship to nature.

Crafts are my principal working mode as well as being a source of inspiration. Craft skills appear in the collection in the form of crochet, smocking and material techniques. All in all, there are more than 40 metres of smocked silk and a whole kilometre of strong thread. Making the materials that I have produced myself reflects the role of the hand in the project and in my current/future interpretation of what crafts look like.

My principal inspiration had consisted of the way in which people relate to nature and the contrast between the two. The contrast has played a central part in form, colour and tailoring in the collection. Nature stands for the organic and poetic feeling of the work while the more graphic, harder and somewhat more technical parts of the collection represent the human element.

We are shifting further and further away from the contact that we once had with nature. I have chosen to show what beauty we can enjoy from working close to nature and organically with my inspiration; and I have let the garments represent this relationship. My long-term goal is to create garments that lead to a desire to live longer and to work more closely with nature and with crafts.

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Thanks to:
Careb Trading AB, Maya Sundholm, Benedicte Eggesbø, Diana Orving, Anders Haal.

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