Denise Hedström

As a designer it seems important to examine and challenge norms in the visual culture. The beauty industry is a strongly gender-coded and polarized consumer field. A made-up face serves as a surface on which to project social and cultural values that can meet with prejudice and discrimination. But it is also a way of narrating who we are and what we stand for. Painting one’s face is not just a matter of surface.

I contacted a number of people in order to talk about their relationship with makeup. I was curious to know how they choose to present themselves. This led on to discussions of feminine culture, consumption, bodies and prejudices, about the difficulty of discussing something that is considered superficial and subordinate; to be able to cope with being seen as well as to cope with being honest with oneself. But, above all, it has been a matter of norms, of confronting norms, of living with norms and with challenging them.

I have gathered the interviews in a printed publication that, visually and graphically, interprets the discussions.

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Thanks to:
Everyone who has taken part in and helped me with the project.

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