People’s Stories About Desire

Alf Arén 

In our materialist consumer society which is dependent on economic growth we consume from desire rather than from need. These desires would seem to be the basis of problems large and small that we encounter today. In this project, together with others, we want to examine desire as a concept as well as how desire takes shape in our lives. Our hope is that those who meet up with the project will mirror themselves in the content and that this reflection will spread like rings on water.

The endeavour is a philosophical survey in two parts.

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Thanks to:
Andreas Nobel, Anja Palmgren, Fredrika Spindler, Jakob Solgren, Katarina Trodden, Loffe Palmgren, Marie Grefberg, Micke Johansson, Pressgrannar, Parasto Backman and all who have contributed to the anthology.

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