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The three-year artistic BA programme has product design as its principal subject and includes closely related fields. On graduating, the students will qualify for the professional title of product designers.

We make use of a holistic perspective: the product is always seen in relation to people and their bodies as well as to an environment and a spatiality. Objects are to be experience, to be used, communicate and to function in a context with numerous other preconditions. Context determines needs and the design shapes the solutions.

Certain students are more visual, more artistic, while others are more theoretically oriented. Our task is to nurture, to challenge and to encourage the students’ particular differences and abilities, with combinations of different perspectives and subjects, with the aim, at the end of the course, of being able to examine a group of reflective and committed professional designers. The programme is imbued with an open spirit and a sensitivity towards new ideas and new forms that show how design can develop in the future and how it can be a means for meeting future challenges.

Design methodology and expression are the basis of the teaching and by combining theory and practice students are challenged to develop a more critical and reflective approach with a high degree of global awareness.

The programme consists of courses that are largely project-based in the form of lectures, seminars, supervision, practical workshops and study visits. By combining artistic methodologies with both modern and traditional techniques and an experimental scrutiny, understanding and usage are woven together to provide knowledge that is then used in practice.

Teaching is in the hands of contracted, professional lecturers which makes for continuity and an understanding of each student’s individual needs and development. Guest lecturers and collaborators complement the programme with knowledge and perspectives from professional life as well as offering invaluable contacts for the future.

This year’s graduation assignments are characterized by a desire to approach and shape projects based on an idea, a problem or a target group that lies beyond the students’ own needs. Making physical training or make-up accessible and inclusive, or designing the products used in meals as the chef does; to devote oneself passionately to facilitating family members’ everyday lives or scrutinizing desire’s innermost being.

Margot Barolo
Programme director

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