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For the fashion students at Beckmans the three-year BA programme ends with them creating their own collection. The aim is that they should undertake a complete design process and should have the opportunity to explore their approach as designers. They must show that they have mastered the process from beginning to end, from research and formulation of a concept to actually making garments that illustrate what they want to say as creators. That they are conscious of the role that they want and what they would hope to bring to the existing fashion scene – but even to larger venues in the world around.

In preparation for the final collection the students have spent three years being inspired, encouraged and challenged to seek their own identities as creators. On several occasions, in reality-like collaborative projects with external players and also in various constellations with students at the college. On other occasions the courses have been more inward-looking with less focus on the final result and more on stretching ideas and daring to take risks.

Important issues for this year’s leavers have been concerned with identity, as well as the human body and how it relates to form and movement. They have also been concerned with deconstructing and reconstructing dress codes, working with the symbolism of clothing, thoughts about youngsters who say no to alcohol, or the importance of valuing and conserving craft skills. Certain students have let their imagination mature in a dream world while others have found themselves in a crass reality. Something that all the collections share is a focus on individuality and of being accepted for who one is: a sober young person, queer, “normal” man or woman. A better world.

Pär Engsheden
Programme director

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