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Welcome to Beckmans Graduate Show – work in progress

In 2017 we are publishing exam results for the 32 students who have been studying at Beckmans for the last three years. You can meet up with their work in the form of a fashion show, an exhibition, a digital catalogue, guided tours and discussions. The graduation projects are independent assignments. The students who pass the examination receive a BA degree in design on an artistic basis in the fields of Design, Fashion or Visual Communication.

Beckmans strives to combine form, curiosity and empathy through a conscious educational method and through cooperation. The methods that we employ are based on praxis with an artistic foundation which means that we also want to develop forms for showing our subjects. At Beckmans we scrutinize formulations and forms of expression for what design can contain and how design can influence society as a cultural phenomenon in close dialogue with the professions and people that we share our interests with. This is an endeavour which, thankfully, never ends. It is an ongoing task despite the fact that staff and students come and go. Thus are institutions built up through contributions from people who are working there at present and those who, in the future, will continue with the task. Building an institution is not something that one undertakes for the sake of the those who were once active there, but for everyone in the future. For everyone who dreams of belonging to the institution, challenging and developing it.

We have no idea who these people are, merely that they will surprise us with what we did not know or that we did not want to see. Life can irritate, and that is a good thing. And in the assignments that they undertake within the framework of their programmes, students should be just as free, as wacky, as demanding, as generous or as serious as they themselves wish to be. We hope that this will become apparent to you in all the parts of the examination presentation.

At Beckmans there is an ongoing process in making the educational methodologies that we use increasingly visible. Not at the risk of throwing out the baby with the bathwater – but with a view to driving the ghosts out of the wardrobe. These ghosts are seldom as unpleasant as they once seemed when viewed in the open. On the contrary, the histories of institutions are important if we are to understand how the future is shaped.

The state of things is important to students; it is part of the reason why they work. Each epoch has its own view of what constitutes an artistic ground, what fashion is, what visual communication and form ought to be. It can be tempting to isolate, to determine, to package or to revel in nostalgia. But it is more a matter of looking and testing even though unexpected aspects may be included. And, in that case, how one can create meaning while, at the same time, trying to make room for further, contrary descriptions. For just as certain as it is that Beckmans was not founded solely by Anders Beckman but equally by Göta Trägårdh, so every period has its own blind spots. And students are seldom willing to breathe other people’s life-giving breath. They want to be new and free in relation to what has been even though they may build on what already exists.

Accordingly, Beckmans strives to make room for this materialization, reflection and new knowledge. We want to ask questions and to meet elastic opposition. We want students to shift from consumers to producers and to make their own choices and experiences.

By embracing the students’ work we celebrate the knowledge that is unique to the college. We celebrate this knowledge in a society that needs a whole range of nuances. To share with others, to be generous and to show what has been done. This is what the exam presentation is all about.  A matter of contributing parts to a common understanding in which you, the visitor, also becomes part of the knowledge process.

Sincerest thanks to all of you who work, teach, study, design and collaborate with and for Beckmans. Without you, life at Beckmans would not be possible!

With very best regards

Zandra Ahl

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