Oskar Pernefeldt skapade en flagga för planeten jorden som sitt examensprojekt i Visuell kommunikation förra året. Historien om flaggan publicerades i tidningar världen över, projektet har vunnit flera priser och tre personer har låtit tatuera in flaggan på sin kropp. Nu har det också nominerats i Webby Awards.">

The International Flag of Planet Earth - a year on

Oskar Pernefeldt created a flag for planet Earth as his graduation project in Visual Communications last year. The story of the flag was published in newspapers around the world, the project has won several prizes and three people have tatooed the flag onto their bodies.

The start of the project was Oskar's great interest in flags, heraldry and politics on an international level.

"My everyday brooding on these matters made me wonder why the Earth didn't have an established icon like a flag. The unification that a flag can provide, especially one that represents the entire planet, felt as a much needed reminder to the world's population", says Oskar.

Rewarded in several major competitions 

The project received a lot of attention and reached a vast amount of people right from the launch.

"It's really crazy and of course great fun. Some of the world's major newspapers were quick to pick up on the project. This led to the project's website receiveing around 435 000 visits during the first 24 hours. Now, a few months after launch, the project has also been awarded in both the YoungGuns International Awards and Creativity International Awards. But the best is probably that at least 3 people (what I've seen) has tattooed the flag somewhere on their bodies", says Oskar who is above all happy that what the flag represents reached so many people.

The flag lives on 

It has almost been a year since its launch and the flag is very much alive. An organization that helps refugees use it and it will be in a low-budget sci-fi film in Canada.

"And of course I continue to fight to get the flag more recognized among senior international bodies", says Oskar who is currently working at the advertising agency Volt together with Linus Bronge who also graduated from Visual Communication last year. There, they work as a creative team, both of them with the title Art Director, and basically do everything together.

"A better life is hard to find", says Oskar.

Nominated in Webby Awards

In connection with this interview, Oskar's project was nominated in Webby Awards, one of the world's largest contests in digital creativity! In the competition you can win the prize of the jury but also the people's prize, so vote for The International Flag of Planet Earth here!


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