The design behind the Nobel dress of the Swedish Minister of Culture

Beckmans’ students Alice Svensson Brostedt and Kevin Nilsson are the creators of Minister of Culture Amanda Lind's Nobel dress that highlights forest fires and climate change.

The remains of a forest fire visualized in a dress 

Based on the theme of Fire, the dress explores the result of a devastating forest fire; the burnt ground, the ash, the glow and the darkness which afterwards settles as a weight over the ground. With the help of a lighter, embroidery, glittering rhinestones and a black smoke pillar that extends up along the throat, they want to create the feeling of a recently fire ravaged forest.

“We were in Humlegården and burned holes in the fabric for the dress, I think many passers-by wondered what we were doing…..”, says Alice and Kevin.
“But we wanted to create the feeling of burnt nature, the unstructured landscape that the forest creates after a fire. To achieve that feeling, we worked on manipulating the fabric, 100% silk organza, by burning it. A bronze-like effect was created around the edges of the burnt holes, just like glow. W let the burnt fabric speak for itself and therefore chose to make a simpler silhouette”.

Furthermore, handmade embroidery runs throughout the dress as well as sparkling rhinestones in order to further enhance the feeling of glow and burnt ground. The smoke pillar consists of a vest application that runs along the left side. The vest is removable and hopefully the dress can be worn many more times, both with and without the vest.

“The number of forest fires are increasing as the temperature rises which is a result of climate change. With the dress, we want to show the sense of powerlessness and injustice to the animal and plant kingdom caused by man's climate impact, and the fact that a warmer and more diverse climate actually affects us all"

About the project Nobel Creations 2019 

Earlier this the autumn, the first-year Fashion students of Beckmans College of Design were given the task of creating a dress for the Swedish Minister of Culture to wear at the Nobel festivities. The students were divided into groups and created a total of five different creations for Ms Amanda Lind to choose from. The dresses are based on important issues for the minister, such as knowledge and freedom of expression, freeing the ocean from pollution and plastics, climate threats and forest fires. The questions were divided into themes of the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. The result is creations that interweave fashion with social issues, personality with a professional role and the Nobel Prize's historical ancestry with research for the future.

The Minister of Culture's Nobel dress is on display together with the other five creations at Konstakademien until Sunday, December 15th.


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