BFA Fashion Show 2020

Beckmans College of Design Stockholm presents 13 emerging designers in an exclusive fashion show at the Historical museum.

Live-stream from the show at 18.00

The show will be live-streamed at 18.00 making it possible for everyone to discover the next generation of creative talent.

When working with the graduation collections, the students have undertaken a complete design process and explored their approach as designers; from research and formulation of a concept to the actual making of the garments that illustrate what they want to say as creators and how they want to contribute to the fashion scene.

Designers 2020

Alida Bard, Anna-Karin Friberg, Clara Nordwall, Ebba Eriksson, Eli Solberg, Emilia Utbult, Frida Nilsson och Alva Lingestål, Jade Cropper, Jannica Hagfors, Lisa Jacobsson, Rita Roslin, Robin Paulie Stenberg, Robin Söderholm.

Visual concept & Art direction

Agnes Moström 
Reidar Pritzel
Tilda Aspelin 
Ville Högström


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