Svenskt Tenn-scholarship to students at Beckmans

Tim Karlsson and Benjamin Curtis have been awarded this year's glass scholarship from Svenskt Tenn. 

Glass objects for the set table 

The final-year students in Product Design have explored glass design with Svenskt Tenn as outsourcer for the past six weeks. The students' task was to create a product line for the set table. The fellow Tim Karlsson chose to make a vase from a historical perspective 

"Before Estrid Ericson started Svenskt Tenn, she taught drawing to students. In my vase I have added a line which creates a contour. It refers to a drawing of a vase. The two-dimensional meets the three-dimensional. The line comes in several colors", says Tim, who also says that the most important thing for him was to create a product that many can appreciate, a product with a simple form that also feels personal. 

The second of this year's fellows, Benjamin Curtis', concept for the dining table is a new take on the classic pie dish.
"The source of my inspiration is the concept Exotic, especially the word in relative to habit and perspective. My starting point was the chantarelle, not as a mushroom, but as a foreign object - monumental and monolithic in its shape. In contrast to the classic pie dish with a plate, neck and foot, I wanted to make it into a big, heavy and awesome object that elevates and celebrates itself, not just that which you place upon it", says Benjamin. 

Challenge to produce prototype in glass

To make a prototype of glass proved to be a challenge for both of them. Glass is a living material that almost no one in the class had experience of and it can be difficult to imagine the final result. For Benjamin it turned out to be extremely difficult to cast the pie dish in a material that resembled cast glass. 

The scholarship gives Tim and Benjamin the opportunity to work with product development of their glass objects together with Svenskt Tenn. 

The task, to create an object for "the set table", resulted in vases, bowls, lanterns, jugs, dishes, napkin rings and a honey capsule, as shown in the product images above. See a film when the class was helped by glass blower Eino Mäkilä to blow their sketches into glass.


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