Sneak Peek – Second year fashion students invite to an experimental show

The second-year fashion students mark the middle of their studies with an experimental show at Beckmans College of Design. Thirteen students present individual collections of three outfits; the outcome of a project in which they have experimented with process, materials and multiple textile techniques.

The textiles and garments have often been crafted by hand, at times through a long and detailed process. The material itself is a form of expression and a tool for communication. Every collection is diverse and rooted in the students' ideas and visions of what experimental fashion can be.

The overall communication concept, Sneak Peek, has been created by a group of second-year students in Visual Communication. The result is shown in graphic design, images, digital communication and film. The concept emerged from the fashion students own visions and interpretations of materials, ideas, and shapes but also from exploring the industry, by researching and analyzing fashion communication, media and society.

Press show at Beckmans College of Design, February 18th, 2 PM. (by invitation only)
Show open to public 6 PM and 7 PM, (ticets 60 SEK at the door)


Fashion, students:Johanna Welinder, Isabell Larsson Knobel, Jenny Larsson, Klara Modigh, Amanda Blom, Sia Javaheri, Joesphine Bergqvist, Anna Scholz, Emma Röstlund, Livia Schück Johansson, Olle Daunfeldt, Petra Norden, Victor Lind

Visual Communication, students:Elin Klefbom, Madeleine Lindberg, Kristofer Lindgren, Linnea Mesko, Johanna Nyberg

Fashion: Marie O’Connor, Course Director, tel 073-590 11 35

Visual Communication: Annika Berner, Course Director, 072-7310950


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