Material Tales - Showroom, digital lookbook and runway film

A meeting between Material and Magic when the second-year Fashion students present their collections. 

Digital lookbook & runway film

Explore the collections and runway film at

A showroom for the press and industry is open at the college in Stockholm between November 26-27.  

"In their collections, the students have worked to create fashion magic based on materials. The focus has been on exploring and producing unique materials and then creating form, shapes and fashion, trying out different techniques to find their own expressions and then building shapes and silhouettes. Through experiments, research, sketching and draping, the materials have been taken further, to make their own styles and fashion designs that extend beyond the given, the first thought, to something completely new," says Göran Sundberg, Senior Lecturer in fashion design and Course Director.

Contact Sofia Hulting, Press Officer, to book an appointment in the showroom. 

Participating students

Alice Svensson Brostedt, Amanda Rascka, Asli Cömert, Desirée Bjurinder Fritzon, Gabriella Danerlöv, Hilda Landström Ferm, Isabelle Sjöman, Kevin Nilsson, Maya Sundholm, Samuel Westerberg, Saveja Sevéra Awzel, Teodor Warpe and Thomas Wieser.

Art Direction

Alva Nylander, Alexander Peri, Eric Rösmark, Hedvig Moberg, Joel Eriksson, Linnéa Jacobsson, and Tuva Larsson.


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