SCROLLS – nine digital guides to the Jewish Museum in Stockholm

Digital guides provide new perspectives to the Jewish Stockholm as students at the Visual Communication program immerse themselves in the Jewish Museum's collection.  

"The digital guides provide subjective inputs and visualizations to this important institution and place in Stockholm, which we at Beckmans are very happy to collaborate with in this project. The Jewish Museum is a place and institution that has an important function in society and that has shown great openness and generosity in the collaboration with our students, especially given that the digital technology the students have worked with can be difficult to predict the end result of", says Peter Ström, Senior Lecturer at the Visual Communication program at Beckmans.

Digital technologies that create multiple layers to the Jewish story in Sweden 

In the project, various digital technologies have been explored to make parts of the museum and the Jewish story in Sweden visible in new ways. Augmented reality, for example, adds an additional dimension to the ornaments found in the museum as well as to the story of the white buses that saved Jews from concentration camps in the final stages of World War II. Another guide instead examines how a nearly fifteen-year-old physical exhibition can be boiled down to a digital pocket format.

Other guides take advantage of digital opportunities for co-creation. In this way, for example, the people behind the stories in the museum are brought to life by inviting visitors to leave a virtual message, a guestbook entry, which, as it fills up, comments on what it means to be Swedish and Jewish today. In another guide, the subject of faith is explored through the millennial Jewish tradition of chavruta, to discuss together, interpret and understand why we do as we do. In the project, volunteers have provided voicemails where they reflect on faith and thus create a flow of interpretations or a kind of chavruta at a distance.

"The museum has a rich tradition of letting contemporary artists contribute with new perspectives on the Swedish-Jewish experience. Therefore, it feels fantastic to now get help from tomorrow's sharpest brains in design and communication to reinterpret and visualize Jewish history in Sweden," says Christina Gamstorp, Museum Director of the Jewish Museum.

The guides are launched on October 8 

The result will be presented at an opening on October 8, with the goal of becoming a permanent feature of the museum's exhibition. All digital guides work on a regular smartphone and are available at on October 8 at kl 13.00.

About the Jewish Museum Stockholm

The Jewish Museum opened on Sweden's National Day in 2019 in Sweden's oldest preserved synagogue at Själagårdsgatan 19 in the Old Town, Stockholm. The exhibition Jews & Sweden weaves together the history of the Jews in Sweden, which contains many experiences of finding their place in a new country, with the Jewish world of thought and the practice of Judaism. Artistic designs also have an obvious place in the museum's idea, as a reminder of the link between then and now. In 2020, the museum was nominated for the prestigious award Museum of the Year by Swedish Museums and the Swedish ICOM (International Council of Museums).


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