Words from the Vice-Chancellor regarding the situation with Covid-19

Since March 13th the teaching at Beckmans College of Design and Beckmans Evening Courses is conducted exclusively online.

For courses with an artistic basis - where access to workshops, studios and special machines is necessary - it is not certain that online education can be completed in a satisfactory way. But thanks to a fantastic effort by both teachers and students who have come up with different creative solutions, we have been able to meet the needs and difficulties that have arisen. 

The education is our main priority 

Beckmans College of Design has received several requests to help with the manufacturing of protective equipment for hospital staff. As an educational institution, we have chosen to focus on supporting our students in their difficult educational situation. We prioritize being able to give the graduating students their degrees as planned this spring. This is our commitment to the future.

Making our limited sewing machine fleet available for the production of protective equipment simply cannot be done. Since March 16th, the work in our workshops has been strictly scheduled for individual graduating students who have been granted exemption to the university's premises. Our mechanical equipment would also not generate any volumes to speak of.

We hope, on the other hand, that the industry, where many have already lost their jobs, are stepping in and converting to manufacturing protective equipment. There lies the capacity, both in terms of people and equipment. 

After Covid-19

The online education is due to continue until April 15th. When we have recovered from Covid-19 in the future, and society must return to a new normalcy, we stand ready with newly graduated designers, visual communicators and fashion designers.


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