Nobel Creations – the Nobel Prizes 2017 interpreted through fashion and music

Between December 7-14, fashion students from Beckmans will show their artistic interpretations of this year's Nobel Prizes together with music interpretations composed by students at The Royal College of Music. 

The exhibition is held in collaboration with the Nobel Center and is shown in the lobby of the Royal College of Music. 

Artistic interpretations of the Nobel Prizes

The new insights and perspectives that the Nobel Prizes give can be interpreted in many different ways, including through free artistic interpretations. Fashion students at Beckmans have during several years created free artistic concepts of the Nobel Prizes awarded each year.  It is a design exercise based on one of our most magnificent festivities but also a reflection of what creativity and research can mean. 

The Nobel Prizes of 2017 give new perspectives on human existence. From the molecules of life to the birth of the universe. From our inner biological clock to our apparent belonging in the world. Both science and literature are about exploring things around us that are not always visible. In addition, there is the peace prize that deals with the choice of mankind to use knowledge for utility or destruction. 

The Fashion students Jade Cropper Anér and Emilia Utbult have interpreted this year's Nobel Prize in physics that awards the discovery of gravitational waves in space and the possibility to measure these.  

"Quite early on in our design we decided to focus on the process of the rise of gravity waves and how they are measured. Movement and collision became our key words along with the question of how we could work with the garment outside the body itself. The LIGO detector that measures gravitational waves, which is made of mirrors has inspired our embroideries," say Jade Cropper Anér and Emilia Utbult.  

About Nobel Creations 2017 – programme

The exhibition Nobel Creations – the Nobel Prizes 2017 explores what unites Nobel Laureates across all fields, creativity. A scientific discovery, a political action or a literary depiction can be given a new interpretation in new media.  

This year's interpretations will be shown across several locations in Stockholm during December and is done in collaboration with the Nobel Center. Students from three artistic education programs participate: fashion students from Beckmans College of Design, students from the Royal College of Music and students from Fotoskolan STHLM. 

Participating students

Alida Almberg Bard, Alva Lingestål, Anna-Karin Friberg, Clara Nordwall, Ebba Eriksso , Emilia Utbult, Frida Nilsson, Jade Cropper Anér, Lisa Jacobsson, Rita Haavimb, Robin Stenberg och Robin Söderholm.


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