Nobel Creations 2020

To honor this year's Nobel Laureates and their discoveries, fashion students at Beckmans have created free interpretations of this year's six Nobel Prizes.

Based on black holes, genetic scissors, auction theory, and the disease Hepatitis C, as well as the World Food Program's work to eradicate hunger and Louise Glück's poetry, the students have created six strong fashion designs. 

"The design of these creations is both a design exercise and a reflection on what creativity and research can mean," says Pär Engsheden, designer and program manager Mode. 

Black hole that devours the wearer

The students Amanda Stuve and Joel Andersson have designed the creation for the Nobel Prize in Physics, which this year is awarded to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez for their various discoveries about black holes.

"We wanted to capture the feeling and the course of events when a black hole devours other objects, how they twist around the black hole orbit and then fall into the darkness. In our work, we made connections to how time and space as well as life and death take place in space and on earth - that death is followed by an act of mourning for us, while it can be seen as something mysterious and beautiful in space", says Amanda and Joel.

The creations are exhibited at the Nobel Prize Museum  

All six fashion designs can be seen at the Nobel Prize Museum. The museum is closed right now but the fashion creations are part of the big exhibition about the Nobel Banquet that will be in place when the museum reopens.

About the project Nobel Creations 

The Fashion program at Beckmans College of Design has since 2011 annually created free interpretations of the Nobel Prizes. In 2019, the project was carried out as a collaboration with Minister of Culture Amanda Lind, who also wore one of the designs at the Nobel Banquet. The year before (2018), the project was a creative meeting between literature and fashion when works by six female Nobel laureates in literature were interpreted and Professor Sara Danius was one of the tutors in the project. In previous years, the creations have been presented in various contexts both in Sweden and internationally.

Participating students 2020 

Amanda Stuve and Joel Andersson - The Nobel Prize in Physics
Filippa Fuxe and Charlotte Backryd - The Nobel Prize in Chemistry  
Johanna Stannow and Emily Duff - The Nobel Prize in Medicine  
Julia Weström and Mohammad Ali Yaghoobi - The Nobel Prize in Literature  
Anna Lastro and Tim Maksimovic - The Nobel Peace Prize  
Astrid Hansson, Emily Gullbo and Karolina Pettersson - Sveriges Riksbanks Prize in Economic Sciences 

Participating lecturers & tutors

Pär Engsheden, Programme Director, Fashion 
Manush Mirzakhanjan, Senior Lecturer, Fashion
Tina Törnqvist, guest tutor 
Ulrika Elovsson, guest tutor 
Göran Sundberg, Senior Lecturer, Fashion
Kumi Kawaji Edström, guest tutor 
Martin Bergström, Senior Lecturer, Fashion
Maria Hahn, Lecturer, Fashion  
Mathias Johansson, guest tutor


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