Fashion students interpret brand that wants to challenge good taste

Ida Sjöstedt is one of our partners in Beckmans Fashion Collaboration. At the Elle Awards in January she was named Designer of the Year.

"I want to challenge ideas about what is good taste. I am passionate about letting women feel beautiful and comfortable and I think that is also the key to my success,"Ida Sjöstedt told Elle in connection with the award ceremony. 

Beckmans students make their own interpretation of the brand

Now the fashion students Johanna Welinder and Filippa Borenius have interpreted Ida Sjöstedt for the project Beckmans Fashion Collaboration.

"I think that what I and Ida Sjöstedt have in common is an interest in commenting clichés and ideas about female characters. I have worked with the sexy and vulgar, but also with festivity and dressing up", says Johanna Welinder. 

For the project, Johanna has also focused on developing her painting. projektet har Johanna också fokuserat på att utveckla sitt måleri.

"I wanted to see how my naive illustrations appeared in combination with something more respectable and classic, like a jacket," says Johanna.

Filippa Borenius has chosen to focus on the couture part of the brand and made her interpretation without rules or restrictions. 

"I admire that she (Ida Sjöstedt's, editor's note) does her own thing and do not adapt to the notion of Swedish fashion, says Filippa who describes her collection as material, free and invigorating. 

All three show their collections at Fashion Week Stockholm

On Tuesday, February 2nd, Ida Sjöstedt will show her new collection at Fashion Week Stockholm. On Wednesday, February 3, Johanna Welinder and Filippa Borenius will show their interpretations of the brand along with the rest of the graduating students in Fashion. Together, the class interpreted the seven of Sweden's leading fashion brands.


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