Design student exhibits in New York

Erik Nyström, graduation student at Beckmans College of Design, has been invited to exhibit at a design fair in New York.

In two weeks time, Erik Nyström will exhibit his graduation project here at Beckmans College of Design. But prior to that, he is exhibiting a previous Beckmans-project, the hanger "Hang On" at Collective Design Fair 2015 in New York!

1. How come you are showing your work in New York?
"Beckmans showcased at Salone del Mobili in Milan for the first time, and I was there together with three other students from the Product Design program and a teacher to exhibit objects that we showed at this year's Furniture Fair in Stockholm along with projects from the Fashion program and Visual Communication program. In Milan, I met Lora Appleton from kinderMODERN, an American producer and gallery-owner who really liked my hanger "Hang On". We talked and exchanged business cards. When I returned to Stockholm she contacted me and said she wanted to exhibit "Hang On" at the Collective Design fair in New York between May 13th-17th. The problem was that my hanger was still stuck in transport from Milan..... But it eventually arrived and I sent it on to New York."

2. How was it to exhibit in Milan?

"It is really a major machine - the Milan Machine. There are events all over town and you get to experience the whole spectra of the design world. Everything from flea-markets in somebody's backyard to marble and gold fever. This should really be experienced if you are interested in interior design and it is also a good place for networking. Both internationally and with people from Sweden. You know when you meet a Swede on the other side of the world and you suddenly start talking just because you're from the same country. It's a similar experience when you work with design and meet in Milan."

3. What will you show at the Graduation Exhibition opening in two weeks?
"I've worked with how we interpret sound into three-dimensional objects. So I've created a short piece of music in which I interpret the four instruments into four different objects - a lamp, a table, a piece of seating furniture and a table valet. Come and share the audio-visual perception experience!"


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