Fo Phan is one of Vogue Talents 2019

Each year, Vogue Italia appoints the next generation of fashion talents among newly graduated fashion designers. Fo Phan, who graduated from the Fashion programme last spring, is the only one from Sweden selected in this year's Vogue Talents.

Personal collection

The graduation collection "Clothing in (Intimate) Mourning" that caught the attention of Vogue Talents, is a deeply personal collection exploring grief but also grief in relation to cultural codes. 

Each look reflects a persona with symbolic garments and attributes. Each look also leads to a negotiation between covered and uncovered; of how much of the body can be shown having due regard to cultural norms and values. What happens when the demands of bodily integrity and propriety in more conservative contexts meet up with the fashion industry’s often hedonistic and sexualized exposure of the body? Abstract interpretations of irises – a feature of Chinese funerals – play an important role in the collection. What happens with the symbolism when the flower appears in a new context?

Paris Fashion Week

Up next for Fo is Paris where he will show his collection in Beckmans College of Design's showroom at l'Institut Suédois during Paris Fashion Week September 27-29.


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