Filippa Fuxe wins first prize in international design competition with innovative design idea

Designer and student Filippa Fuxe, 24 years old, is about to finish her first year at the Fashion program at Beckmans College of Design Stockholm. Now she has also won SEK 150.000 as first prize in the Danish owned brand Selfmade/Stoff & Stil's international competition. 

She is rewarded for her innovative design that allows the consumer and the wearer to become their own designer. 

"It's absolutely marvellous and great fun to have won this design competition. This means a lot to me!" says Filippa Fuxe. 

It was during the autumn of 2020 that Selfmade/Stoff & Stil invited students from design schools in Europe to submit sketches of an innovative design idea. The competition was divided into several different phases that lasted for four months. The participants that made it further into the competition were asked to sew their visualized design, and finally present their concept to the team in Herning in Denmark.

Design focusing on innovation and sustainability

For the competition, Filippa developed a product where colour, shape and function can be varied and combined based on individual needs and thus change identity and be updated over time.

"In my design, I often strive for the opportunity to be able to renew, change and vary a garment, and a modern way of looking at fashion design and clothing consumption where both innovation and sustainability are in focus."

She drew inspiration from cyclical processes around us, such as the different phases of the moon, how it goes through different positions but always returns to the same state.

"To us, the moon changes its shape and expression over time and creates a cycle, just like circular fashion. My dress can be continuously renewed, reused and reinvented in the same way, and thus have a longer life.

Garment that lets the consumers experiment and use their own creativity 

Filippa's dress design is made up of interchangeable parts that are joined by buttonholes. The parts can be removed and replaced to create cut-out sections and combine colours and materials to create new visual expressions.

"It is also possible to sew new variants of the removable parts to easily replace one that has been worn out. The consumer can experiment with the different parts and thus use their creativity, style and expression to become their own engineer and designer of the garment," says Filippa.

Her pattern will be available in shops in the spring 2022

Together with Selfmade/Stoff & Stil's design team in Herning, Filippa will now develop a pattern for her design. By the spring of 2022, the pattern will be out in stores together with the company's lookbook internationally.

Selfmade/Stoff & Stil's design competition will return next year and new design talents will be able to participate. 

"Selfmade's design competition is first and foremost a tribute to creativity. Selfmade's vision is that creativity must be nurtured throughout life. Being creative is not just about designing, drawing or sewing, but thinking through challenges with new eyes. The global community will need it in the future, which is why we are holding a design competition for students from design schools in Europe to celebrate and cultivate creativity and diversity in innovation," says Alexander Lerche, CEO of Selfmade.


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