Film & Talks | Beckmans Graduation Show 2021

This year's graduation show begins with a digital sneak peek!

Beckmans College of Design's graduation show 2021: Time Well Spent opens in less than a month.  Before that, the exhibition kicks off digitally with the launch of both film and talks about time in relation to graphic design, design and fashion creation.

Film series Time Well Spent > beginning on April 29th

In a portrait about capturing, pretending and outsmarting time, the main character is faced with three crucial moments in a creative project: anxious procrastination, over-ignited stress management and a long-awaited end. The three films in Time Well Spent portray what it means to manage time as a creative person, when it feels slow and long and when it is needed the most.  

Wasting Time – Episode 01 (release April 29th)
Saving Time – Episod 02 (release April 30th)
Time Well Spent – Episod 03 (release May 1st)


Talks > beginning May 3rd 

In six talks about the past, present and future in design, alumni and graduation students meet at Beckmans. The talks, which revolve around timeless design, well-spent time, memories, trends, time perspectives and life in general, will be launched on Monday, May 3rd and will be released until the start of the exhibition.

Talk 01: Jon Eliason & Teresa Lundmark (release May 3rd)
Talk 02: Johanna Burai & Almir Jasarevic(release May 4th)
Talk 03: Frida Bard & Yanis Dorey (release May 5th)
Talk 04: Jonatan Nilsson & Gustav Winsth (release May 10th)
Talk 05: Sheila Johansson & Elisabet Lindén (release May 11th)
Talk 06: Fredrik Blank & Filippa Agaton (release May 12th)


Please find more information about this year's graduation show here


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