Fashion students from Beckmans to the Royal College of Art

Already before they have graduated from Beckman College of Design, the fashion students Marie Isacsson and Sissel Kärneskog have been admitted to Masters' degrees at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. Tomorrow they premiere their graduation collections from Beckmans at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

A platform for exploring an artistic expression 

RCA is one of the most prestigious fashion educations in the world with many famous designers among its alumni. The Master's program places high demands on its students, but three years at Beckmans has been a good preparation. 

"Beckmans has given me an opportunity to explore my artistic expression, and given me a platform and tools for developing it. The college requires that one is innovative and fast with problem solving, which I consider to be an advantage. At an early stage, we can seek out-of-school resources, and the college has provided us with amazing collaborations. Besides this, I have spent this time with a group of people who challenge their limits, who support and motivate each other, which is an incredibly important part of this unique environment," says Sissel 

She sees her graduation collection as the closure of her time at Beckmans and evidence of what these three years has given her.   

"You will see a presentation of a collection of strong identities, a narrative of personal history. Collections that tell about past, present and future. Clear contrasts and a wide variety of techniques and materials. It is an end to our mutual time here with proof of what this time has given us. In my expression I have worked around the memory; my memories, your memories and those we share together. I have worked around a narrative of these and show my definition of family, my biological and my community. The creation of a collection that is not defined by time, context or body," says Sissel.

Fashion in a gaming context 

In her Master at the RCA, Marie Isacsson will continue to explore the area that she has worked with in her graduation collection.

–In my graduation collection I have researched the gaming culture in relation to fashion and the real world. My fascination with the gaming culture is, above all, its social aspects and identity perspectives - the duality and the connection between physical and digital identity. To socialize online in a virtual game, through its avatar, breathes for me both contemporary and future. The meeting between the outdated view of gender stereotypes in the gaming world combined with a visionary view of social identity has been my starting point in the work.

The collection has also been transferred to the virtual world, which can be viewed on the projects' website


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