Emerging designers at Paris Fashion Week

During Paris Fashion Week SS18 we present the work of emerging designers: six current and alumni students, representing different phases in the development of a fashion designer, at Institut suédois and in an exhibition at Ofr. Libraire, galerie.

Fashion performance at Institut suédois 

On the opening night at Institute suédoisJosephine Johnzon (2017) and Alecsander Rotschild (2017) will show parts of their graduation collections. As with all graduation collections, they have undertaken a complete design process and explored their approach as designers, from research and formulation of a concept to actually making garments that illustrate what they want to say as creators and how they want to contribute to the fashion scene. We will also see the launch of a new brand, Rave Review by alumni Josephine Bergqvist (2016) and Livia Schück (2016), in collaboration with Product Design-alumna Veronica Rönn (2016). Rave Review is their first collection following their graduation from Beckmans College of Design.

Showroom at Ofr. Libraire, galerie

At Ofr. Libraire, galerie, the collections above will be shown in their entirety together with two collections by current students Amanda Borgfors Mészáros and Sissel Kärneskog. The collections were created during their second year at the Fashion Programme and are the result of a process-driven work with experimentation as the driving force, and often the research in itself. In their studies and investigations, they have explored new approaches to making and materiality.

About Swedish Fashion Now

Swedish Fashion Now is a new global platform that is launched during Paris Fashion Week at the Insitut suédois by the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB) in collaboration with the Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden. In addition to Beckmans College of Design’s presentation of emerging designers, a number of Swedish fashion brands are represented, among them Beckmans’ alumni Ann-Sofie Back/Back, Anders Haal/Haal, Frida Bard and Patrik Guggenberger/Hope.

Photo: Cornelia Wahlberg
AD: Johanna Lundberg and Agnes Vannerus Lindblom


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