Interior design by Beckmans' alumni – Swedish Design Moves Paris

During Paris Design Week, the Swedish Institute in Paris has opened its newly renovated guest apartments with a focus on Swedish design. One of the apartments' concepts, furnishings and furniture was created by nine Beckman' s alumni in collaboration with Master's students from the Paris College of Art (PCA).

"We see that the project can open up for a larger international audience to take an interest in young Swedish design and discover new future designers' creativity, sense of form and care for crafts and materials," says Annika Berner, project manager of Beckman's alumni projects.

“The work has given alumni the opportunity to participate in an international collaboration and they have also worked closely with Swedish producers and craftsmen."

The exhibition Hem x 6 

Their are six guest residences at the Svenska institutet in Paris which is a temporary home for up to 100 Swedish researchers, cultural figures and artists each year. To strengthen the institute's design profile, the apartments have now been renovated and furnished according to six different interpretations of the term "home". 

The institute has made the artistic selection of participants in the exhibition, and the seven main exhibitors have chosen their respective designers. In addition to Beckmans School of Design and PCA, Carl Malmsten, among others, participates where Anna Kraitz is responsible for the interior. Other apartments are furnished by Färg & Blanche for Gärsnäs, Svenskt Tenn's design team, Ulf Agnér for TEA and Septembre Architecture & Urbanisme for Dux. Kasthall has produced all the carpets in collaboration with the designers. The guest houses are shown between September 8 and October 13.

One month of design 

The inaugural month takes place within the framework of Swedish Design Moves, the government initiative that is to strengthen Sweden as a design country and includes, among other things, the National Museum's exhibition Design Processes, Hem x 6, an exhibition on the interior design process behind the Swedish Institute's six guest apartments and the opening of the newly furnished guest apartments for the public.

Studio 6: Deux écoles, un projet


Beckmans College of Design Stockholm and PCA have furnished apartment number six and the project has been realized in collaboration with some of Sweden's leading design companies and craftsmen; ASTRID, Kasthall, Palmgrens, Dux, Ekdahls, KA Andersson & sons, Decosteel, Funkiskök, Swedish wood, Målerås, Snickis, Westermalms Gjuteri, Gilberts restore and Thimander's plate. Companies that have contributed with selected design to the PCA and Beckman's guest apartment are Design House Stockholm, Electrolux, EngmoDun, Gense, LINUM, Magniberg, Professional Secrets, Skruf Glasbruk and Lightwork.

Project manager Annika Berner, Beckmans College of Design Stockholm and Alix de Mercey, PCA.

Beckmans College of Design Stockholm, alumni: Elin Lindström, Sara Sjöbäck, Vera Panichewskaja, Ella Westlund PCA Masters StudenTS: Sarah Colford, Gurbaaz Duggal, Marta Gawronska, Ayushi Chaudhry.

Kitchen: Klara Wirsén Hedengren, Lisa Lindh, producers: Funkiskök, Swedish Wood, Decosteel
Table: Ella Westlund, producers: Snickis (trä), Westermalms metallgjuteri (metall), Swedish Wood Mirror of steel: Ella Westlund, producer: Thimanders 
Vase: Elin Lindström, producer: Målerås Glas Works 
Bedside lamps: Sara Sjöbäck, producer: Målerås  
Bedheads: Hanna Wik, Robert Wetterbrandt, producer: Dux
Carpet: Hanna Wik, Robert Wetterbrandt, producer: Kasthall 
Stools: Hanna Wik, Robert Wetterbrandt, producers: KA Karl Andersson & Söner 
Cupboard, foldable wall: Hanna Wik, Robert Wetterbrandt, producer: Ekdahls 
Accessories, leather: Carl Cavallius, producer: Palmgrens
Wall shelf: PCA Masters' Students: Sarah Colford, Gurbaaz Duggal, Marta Gawronska, Ayushi Chaudhry

Floor lamps: Note Design Studio, Zero
Office chair: Ewa Lilja Löwenhielm, IKEA
Curtains/bedspread: Astrid, Dux
Beds: Dux
Armchairs: Bruno Mattson, Dux

About Swedish Design Moves 

Swedish Design Moves is a commitment from the Government/Ministry of Industry to lift and strengthen Sweden as a design destination (architecture, fashion and furniture/interior design) and increase awareness of and strengthen the brand Sweden and Swedish design internationally. Visit Sweden runs the project in collaboration with some parties, including the Swedish Form, the Association of Swedish Fashion Brands, the Swedish Architects and the Wood and Furniture Companies (TMF).


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