Beckmans + StureOptikern at Fashion Week

Fashion and Product Design students have collaborated across the design disciplines and designed eyewear for high-end optician StureOptikern. At Fashion Week Stockholm we're exhibiting the ideas for new spectacles for women and men as well as sunglasses.

Eyewear design is an important area of accessories design and a product range that is included in both the fashion world and the design world. In addition to embarking on eyeglass designs, the students have practiced to professionally relate to another design discipline as well as to a client.

"To professionally relate to a client is something that the students train throughout their entire study programme, and to be able to collaborate with an industry-leading company like StureOptikern in the first year, is very valuable to them," says Peter Nylander, Senior Lecturer at the Design programme and responsible for the course together with Göran Sundberg, Senior Lecturer at the Fashion programme.

Nine produced as prototypes

Nine of the eyeglass designs have been selected by Per Levin from Triple and Thomas Karlsson at StureOptikern and have been produced as prototypes.

Fashion Night August 31

All of the spectacles, sketches and prototypes are shown at the Jewellery and Accessories Lounge  at Stockholms Auktionsverk, Nybrogatan 32 between August 31 - September 1. During Fashion Night on August 31, the Jewellery and Accessories Lounge is open to everyone between 5-8 PM to celebrate the start of a new fashion season.  Let us know your coming to Fashion Night here!

Participating fashion students: Jon Allensten, Emma Alvin, Bnedicte Elise Eggesbø, Enisa Hajdarevic, Jannica Hagfors, Sofia Isdahl, Kim Linghoff, Fo Phan, Erik Olsson, Sandra Saeidi, Pontus Skoglund, Eli Solberg, Adam Swärd, Emma Wåhlin, Felicia Åström.

Participating product design students: Jone Skarbøvik, Ellinor Sixtensdotter, Anders Obel, Asta Florestedt, Elsa Ericson Ekdahl, Isabel Wagner, Josefin Zachrisson, Julia Jondell, Matilda Ström Ellow, Mattias Rothman, Mira Bergh Edenborg, Olivia Tognelli Brontén, Sizar Alexis, Kaori Agematsu.

Exhibition design: Anders Obel, design student and alumni Vera Panichewskaja

Responsible for collaborations: Annika Berner, Director of External Relations


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