Beckmans' students exhibit fashion at Kulturhuset

This summer, Fashion students from Beckmans participate in the exhibition Mode i sju akter at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm.

Form and pattern by students from Beckmans

A collection consists of many different parts, and in the summer exhibition at Kulturhuset, we show two examples - form and pattern.

"One part of the exhibition is about exploring form in depth, to experiment and find new form expression within fashion design", says Pär Engsheden, designer and Programme Director of Fashion at Beckmans.

"Also the materials and patterns are key factors when designing clothes, and in the second part of the exhibition, we show the same dress in a transparent fabric, but with different prints. The patterns are the students' interpretations of abstract vegetation", Pär continues.

The patterns are digitally printed which makes it possible to adapt the pattern perfectly to the garment's shape and it gives no limits to the number of colours used. These patterns are developed by the first-year students in Fashion.

The second-year Fashoin students have made the outfits experimenting with form. To accentuate form and silhouette in their design even more, all of the outfits are monochrome

Textiles, craft and the Fashion Doctor

In addition to students from Beckmans, students from Friends of Handicraft and Konstfack also participate in the exhibition as well as JUNI which offers us a glimpse into the new Finnish men's fashion. Also, the Fashion Doctor Philip Warkander philosophize about the economy, style and fashion transience.

Welcome to Galleri 5 at Kulturhuset June 16 - Sept 4

Images of the Fashion students form experiments 


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