Beckmans Fashion Collaboration 2016 at Fashion Week Stockholm

Fourteen personal collections created by Fashion students at Beckmans College of Design with inspiration from some of Sweden's foremost fashion brands - Carin Wester, Cheap Monday, Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, Ida Sjöstedt and Whyred.

The final-year Fashion students have been invited to create their own personal contribution to these seven prominent Swedish fashion brands. The brands in turn, have generously shared ideas and techniques to the students. The students have then further developed these and added their own visions. The result is presented in a fashion show at Fashion Week Stockholm.

Fashion show at Berns

The collections are presented in a fashion show at Fashion Week Stockholm, February 3rd at 11.00.

Students: Josephine Bergqvist, Amanda Blom, Filippa Borenius, Olle Daunfeldt, Siah Javaheri, Livia Schück, Isabelle Larsson Knobel, Jenny Larsson, Victor Lind, Klara Modigh, Petra Norden, Emma Röstlund, Anna Scholz, Johanna Welinder.

Fashion communication

The concepts of each collection has also been the starting point of fashion films, images and communication created by the students in Visual Communication (VK16). In this project they show their vision of fashion communication. 

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