Beckmans Fashion Collaboration – exhibition with fashion films at Aplace.

During Fashion Week in Stockholm the graduating students in the Program of Fashion presented personal fashion collections based on seven of Swedens most well known fashion brands: Whyred, Cheap Monday, Filippa K, Carin Wester, House of Dagmar, Our Legacy and Örjan Andersson.

The collection concepts have also become the starting point of fashion films, images and communication that the students in the Program of Visual Communication have developed during the collaboration project. In seven fashion films the third-year students in Visual Communication have conceptualized the meeting between the brands and the fashion students. The films emerged from the fashion students own visions and interpretations of the brands but also from exploring the fashion film media itself. By researching and analyzing fashion communication the students have discussed image, representations and codes and worked with finding new ways to communicate fashion in film.

Welcome to Aplace, Norrlandsgatan 11, February 5th–19th. Fashion show, images and fashionfilms:

Students, Fashion: Hanna Björklund Olsson, David Brask, Caroline Brendov, Johanna Dellenbrant, Marika Ekblad, Patrik Guggenberger, Elin Ivre, Annika Lunneskog, Hanna Paulsson, Emelie Riquelme, Anna Spånberg, Sanna Vogel, Norea Wahlbeck, Julia Åsberg

Students, Visual communication: Stephanie Abdallah, Caroline Andersson, Karin Bellander, Linus Bronge, Johanna Burai, Maximilian George, Nathalie Hallman, William Hesseldadhl, Kim Ihre, Simon Jung Krestensen, Veronika Larsson, Jens Löfgren, Tobias Ohlström, Oskar Pernefeldt, Sara Rutberg, Anne Mette Stage, Cajsa Wessberg.

Links to the 7 films:
Örjan Andersson

Carin Wester

Filippa K


Cheap Monday

House of Dagmar

Our Legacy


Information and images:Göran Sundberg, Course Director, Fashion
email:, phone: +46 73 6001070

Annika Berner, Course Director, Visual communication
email:, phone: +46 72 7310950

Stephanie Abdallha, student, Visual communication
email:, phone: +46 76 2667367


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