Beckmans College of Design at London Design Festival

At the invitation of Form Us With Love, Beckmans College of Design is part of the group exhibition Design Frontiers, in which 30 designers from all over the world exhibit at Somerset House September 18-24. The event is held during London Design Festival.

Prototypa x Beckmans College of Design 

In August, the design studio Form Us With Love (FUWL) invited 13 Product Design students, both alumni and current students to workshop the idea of remote, off-site, prototyping. Building on the thesis of products benefiting from the proximity between designers and manufacturers, the students explored what it meant to prototype outside of your own environment as ‘designer away from home’, traveling to manufacturers, factories or suppliers. 

"How will future designers work? A relevant issue in an ever faster digital global society. We at FUWL have our own challenges when working with international customers as prototyping ideas, solutions and final products are crucial to meeting the user's expectations. In our studio we have a workshop which is something we sometimes miss when we meet customers in India, the US or Korea. The same thing is surely experienced by many creatives who work with physical solutions. Beckmans' alumni and students were therefore given the task of prototyping a solution for future designers", says Jonas Pettersson at FUWL. 

Travel-kit for designers 

The result of the workshop is a 'prototyping kit' – tools and materials built in, mobile, compartments. The kit pose interesting questions of the future relationship between designers and industry, instigating a ‘constantly traveling’ device. The kit will be on display in the exhibition all week.

Talk at Somerset House September 22

In addition to the exhibition, a couple of students from the session will share their ideas on prototyping outside the studio, a talk led by Lia Forslund, creative strategist and design critic, in the afternoon on September 22. Book your ticket here

"This is the second time that we collaborate with Form Us With Love on the design process and prototyping. Previously this year, Beckmans participated in Milan with newly graduated students who showed and talked about prototypes during a breakfast seminar hosted by FUWL. The collaboration with FUWL leads to increased focus on the different stages of the design process and on the analogue prototype. It has also increased the collaboration between recent graduates and current students," says Annika Berner, responsible for the project at Beckmans.  

About Prototypa at Somerset House

FUWL is invited by Somerset House as a host during the entire week of Design Frontiers. Under the title Protoypa, FUWL present seven Swedish designers who are given one day each to share their  thoughts and ideas based on their unique platform. In addition to Beckmans, also Teenage Engineering, Veryday, Tid Watches, Shift Design & Strategy, Bolon and Studio Dejawu are invited. The event is held in collaboration with Swedish Design Moves, Stora Designpriset, Formex Nova, Visit Sweden, and the Swedish Embassy. 

There is a free entrance to the exhibition and different talks during the entire week. However, all visitors must register for morning or afternoon tickets. Book your ticket here


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