Hot Movie New Popular FullHD (2019)

Tilda Ragnartz

Hot Movie New Popular FullHD (2019) is a visual and cinematic study of how the global online trading platforms talk to us, get to know us and cause us to feel fantastic at the sight of favourable prices. 

Packages with content such as unicorn slippers, rainbow showers, fuzzy socks and lollipop slime are transported by air from continent to continent. Some 150 000 parcels reach Sweden alone every day. In other words, an impossible equation in the face of the earth’s limited resources. 

The aim of the project is to start a discussion about change. I hope that, in the future, the film will represent a time when we can look back on it and feel appalled.

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Thanks to:
Gustav Spoormaker, Jacob Jonsson, PostNord and Jung-Lee Type Foundry.

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