Susanna Lycke

Life chafes when we do not succeed in communicating with each other – when we misunderstand each other, fail to listen properly or simply do not have the energy to explain things.

We are social beings and it is a fundamental human need to express ourselves to others and to share our feelings. But sometimes things go wrong, and we fail to reach each other. Now that a great deal of our communication takes place digitally, via text messages, there is much that is lost in the form of misinterpreted Emojis and ambiguous formulations.  

I wanted to study this in depth through the medium of film. What happens when verbal and non-verbal oppose each other? Dance is like an expansion and extension of body language – a way of expressing one’s feelings without using words. By letting dance interact with text and motion graphics I want to create a sense of recognition on the part of the viewer. 

One of the aims of the project has been to collaborate with creative people working in other fields than myself in order to enhance the film with new approaches. My method of working has also been experimental – the manuscript for the film was developed in collaboration with the dancers and the cinematographer.

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Thanks to:
Ljud & BildmediaAparto ABMediaMonksVigårdaNightline, XO MGMT, Linda Shamma, Sepidar Hosseini, Johanna Frohm, Emelie Jörgensen, Linda Berg and all the participants.

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