Grafisk Design [Graphic Design]

Sofus Nyström

How important is cultural and financial capital in achieving success? Who gets access to it and what is required to feel welcome in the design industry?

During my journey through the design industry I have reflected on why my fellow pupils, teachers and colleagues have looked so like me. Frequently white people from the middle or upper classes. Who becomes a designer and who does not? These are questions that laid the foundations for my project. I approach them in a hopeful mood. 

Grafisk Design is a virtual tool and a game in which the user gets to discover a great deal of knowledge that goes with the profession. Grafisk Design aims to inspire and visualize the profession for people not already familiar with it. The project takes its starting point in a book about the design industry by Kerstin Sylwan [Omforma – Nya strukturer för designbranschen] in which she presents the selection process or “funnel metaphor”.


Thanks to:
Kalle Thyselius, Jakob Glaser and Anna Knutsson.

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