Sofia Isdahl

Clairvoyance, from the French word for clarity and seeing, involves an ability to perceive matters that are normally hidden from the senses. Is this a capacity to be found among designers?

In my graduation project I have studied how Tarot cards’ relation to reality and surrealism can be used to process the subconscious and the unknown as well as how, as a designer, one relates to the future. During a fortune-telling session at the beginning of the year I asked what the future and my graduation collection would look like. I shuffled the pack and ended up with 13 cards that symbolized my spring. My aim, in this project, was to bring together the symbolic language of the Tarot with my design identity; to give a personal interpretation of my future, according to the cards, in textile design while letting the cards guide me during the process.  

The collection contains prints with symbolic interpretation of the cards I was dealt and the material symbolism of wands or crystal balls.

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Thanks to:
Sara Flodén, Niklas Eisen, Sophie Linderoth and Risa Mitsui.

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