Mira Bergh Edenborg

Sculptural furniture that invites human interaction. The user is encouraged to approach the furniture in any way that they like and thus become part of the end result; letting body and object interact.

Using the human body as inspiration and tool I have created sculptural furniture which encourages interaction. Letting the body claim space and act as it wants was my starting point. My end result is not only about the furniture itself but about the movement between body and object, witch I present trough a sort of performance in which body and object interact. 

In my process I question what furniture is and how we approach them, therefore my three pieces have no foreseen way of using them. The billowing steel tubes do not associate to the furniture that we are used to seeing. Although my furnitures primary function is to suport the body in various ways, my focus has been on the emotions they evoke.

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Thanks to:
Ardbo mattor, Bromma stål, Combi-lack, Oscar Andersson and kollektivet Svart. Dance: Alicia Karhunen Larsson, Filippa Fahlin, Filippa Lindman och Jenny Håltem Fongaard, Photo: Adam Daver, Film: Kourosh Hekmatara, Music: Karl Johannes Jondell.

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