Mikaela Källgren

Every second Swede has electronic devices at home that they do not use. And as many of them throw away electronic devices that still work. Are you one of them?

Even though technology contributes a lot of good in our world, the way in which we consume such items is not sustainable. In spite of costing so much when we buy them, electronic items that we bought last year will soon be replaced. Persuasive marketing helps to speed our consumption and products are designed to make us soon want to replace them with something new. This results in numerous electronic devices that just lie there, filling up our drawers. Items that once entertained us now seem worthless. 

Will I be able, using visual communication, to counter this trend and promote consumer items that, instead, support a sustainable development? Do our worthless things actually have greater value than we imagine? 

Re-start is an initiative that aims to mediate forgotten electronics and give them new life. In this way I seek to raise the problem of overconsumption of electrical goods and to encourage usage of things close at hand rather than buying new ones.  

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Thanks to:
Emmaus second hand, Flügger färg, Ida Wessel and UnCUT.

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